Hi there 👋. I am Sayak (সায়ক) Paul. I am a Developer Advocate Engineer at Hugging Face. Know more about me from here.

This site is built with fastpages, an easy to use blogging platform with extra features for Jupyter Notebooks.

My external articles and other publishing engagements (like books, liveProjects, etc.) are listed here. Decks from my speaking engagements are listed here. Interviews are here.


  • Our tutorial “Foundational Robustness of Foundation Models” has been accepted to NeurIPS 2022. Check out the website for more details.
  • Excited to be speaking at PyTorch Conference on Millisecond-level latencies for NLP models in PyTorch.
  • Released the TensorFlow port of MAXIM, a shared vision backbone capable of handling multiple low-level vision tasks: deraining, dehazing, deblurring, and more.
  • New project with Chansung Park on an end-to-end semantic segmentation workflow. More details are here.
  • New tutorial on VideoMAE fine-tuning.

To know about my projects, please refer to my GitHub profile.

Apart from the following blog posts, I try to contribute to other platforms in the form of writing. Please refer here for more details.